Oral is an hour-long dramedy about Izzy, a ``not deaf enough`` millennial, who is navigating adulthood and a chaotic love life, all while learning to embrace her disability in 2007 Los Angeles.

The headline reads “Written by Alexandra Dean Grossi.” In the center is a picture of a dark haired woman wearing glasses and seated at her computer. Stylized graphics around the images include black and white stripes and a teal typewriter.

Alexandra Dean Grossi


Alexandra Dean Grossi is a writer, designer and disability activist. Born profoundly deaf, Grossi wears bilateral Cochlear Implants. On the margins of the Deaf Community because she didn’t use sign language, she found that she didn’t have any identifiable role models. This lack of representation of “her kind of deafness” in pop culture inspired Alexandra to write Oral around her experiences as a millennial deaf woman learning to “adult.” Grossi wants to be part of the fight for a more equitable representation of persons with disabilities in Hollywood telling their stories first-hand.

Adrienne Marquand


As a Montana native, Adrienne Marquand discovered her love for the performing arts in a small city nestled among the Rocky Mountains. Her zeal for performance brought her to Los Angeles, where she earned a B.A. in Theatre from USC.

As a proud feminist, ally, and champion of equal rights, Adrienne is immensely passionate about Oral, and is committed to telling stories about marginalized communities and individuals that have been historically underrepresented in Hollywood.

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